Monday, November 19, 2012

A College Student at 35???

     Sometimes in our lives when bad things happen to us we can react in one of two ways. We  can either carry it as a burden, or we can push though it and reach new heights. God never promised us that bad things wouldn't happen to us, however He is with us though it(He will never leave me nor forsake me). How does that old saying go...."If He brought me to it, He'll bring me though it". Two months ago I felt life looked dim. I still don't understand totally why, however I do know it has pushed me to answer a call on my life I've had for many years.
    The week after my miscarriage I went through some family issues, that still are not resolved. I hope they will be set right again in the future, but it may take time. The next week Doug escaped a layoff, but still had been reduced at work. Ever since they have been bouncing him from first to second shift at random. This not only has left our monthly budget tight, but pretty much bringing my crafty talents out for Christmas. I hope the kids like blankets, cause it looks like quilts will be the main gift under the tree this year (Christmas has been way to commercialize anyhow).       
     The week after that I had a friend cut me out of their life. Stopped answering my messages, wouldn't call me, I still don't know what I did to upset them so much. This was not just a friend, but one of my best friends. This made me question every friendship or friendly relationship I have. I began to click the unfriend button on social media like you wouldn't believe. I think I cut something like 75 "friends". I had many question me that maybe I had post partium depression. Maybe I should go see a doctor if I was feeling sad or angry. I've had post partum before, this is defiantly different. I had a fire set in me, a boldness not to shy away from issues that I had before.
      With this fire came the discussion with my wonderful husband about perusing my passion, my calling. Many people that know me, know I sign. Those who know me better know not only do I sign, but I LOVE the deaf. I feel more comfortable around them, and confident too. With this love I have a deep burden for their souls. The statistic's are staggering of how many do not know Christ, many who don't go to church at all, and many who would love to go to church but there is no where for them to go. Imagine for a second what it would feel like if you lived in a world where very few knew your language, many that know your language can only speak your language, and very few can interpret your thoughts to others. Now try to find a church in that world. Try to make friends outside that group in your world. Now you have an idea of where my passion comes from.
    After Dougs ok, some thought and some prayer I reapplied to a university that I applied to about a year and a half ago. When I applied the first time I got intimidated and quit the process. Having it made up in my mind all the reasons I shouldn't go though with this were valid reasons. I'm too old, I have six children that I educate at home, I can't afford it, how in the world would I ever grow a deaf church, would I be accepted as a minister by my peers....the list went on and on. I froze in my process and just dropped the whole idea, not this time though. After I reapplied I filled out the financial paper work, applied for some scholarships and finished the required steps needed to become a student in the spring.
     I still have a few steps to go, but it is looking like I will be a student beginning January 4th. I will be majoring in sign language interpreting, with a minor in Bible. This may change, I would like to possibly double major adding theology into the mix. I am a little nervous, but I know I'm following the calling on my life. Serving the deaf, and reaching them for Christ is what I know God has called me to do, and if this is what I have to do to see that come to pass, then this is what I'm going to try to do. I am still very sad that I will never see my baby here on earth, but losing him or her has made me look at this very short life we've all been given on this earth. Not to make a difference would be a waste of the gift of time God has give to us. Now let me ask, how are you allowing situations in your life controlling your future, what are you doing with your time?

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

One Nation Under God

     Many of us in our nation woke up with what I call an election day hangover. I promise there are many who either woke up this way either because they were parting with their candidate, or this way because they are so bummed about the results. Our family was up till about one o'clock this morning glued to our computers and our news. Beginning at 6 we started to watch the news and hung on numbers. We waited till most of all the numbers came in, so waking up this morning for all of us was hard. Just hang on for this ride, I'm going to tell you how this became family time for us.
     Growing up politics never concerned me much. I thought it was hooey in school when we voted for various things. If you were popular you got the vote, if you were less than in, well you better have a good concession speech. So if this was the way it was in school, this must be the way it is in the real world, this was my thought. My mom was a republican and voted every major election, but never voiced any of her political views. Later she told me that growing up she wanted me to make my own decisions what I thought was right. My dad and I had spoke of politics a few times, however what I could tell from him, he was neither republican or democrat. Forming options on my own about politics would be the way I would learn, if I would ever gain interest. When I was 17 my mom was put into the hospital to have my brother on November 8th, that was election day that year. I remember calling aunts and uncles and telling them "This kid better not be a politician!". I had already formed ideas about ALL politicians. I didn't care if I ever voted!
    Who knew finding the love of my life would impact the way I view politics. Doug and I began to date, then marry the next year. By this time I was 18 and still had no desire to register to vote. The election in 2000 changed that. We learned quickly how every voted counted when we watched people counting ballots in Florida, and learning what hanging chads were. Doug and I registered that year. Doug began to listen to talk radio more and more. Things i had no clue about in government Doug could fill me in on. By george I think I found the passion in this man for something other than me.
    Doug learned more and more, and sometimes board me to tears, but I always listened. Somethings I was interested in, others I thought was still a lot of mindless dribble. There were real issues that I tried convinced him that we could get involved with, at least a little. Doug not being a social kinda guy, decided it would be better, just do do our part and vote....that was till 2004. This was the year we got involved. We called  people from our local office....we got out the vote, we went to political rallies, put up yard signs, stayed informed....thus the birth of our involvement in politics as a family.
    Teaching our children how government works has been an ongoing event in our home. We follow important votes in Washington, and support our those who we feel represent us the best in offices. There are cheers and tears in our home when election days come. However the one thing we stress to our children is that no matter how wrapped up we get, there is always a winner, and always a loser. We will not win every time. When it is our time to be on the losing end life goes on. The sun will rise, and the sun will set. Time marches on and a new day will come. Be happy when you win, but don't rub it in to others when others lose. All things happen for a reason, and though it all God is still in control. Now my thoughts have changed since I was a kid. I'm thankful for the right to vote and thankful for a nation that allows us to voice our different opinions! No matter yesterdays out come GOD IS STILL ON THE THRONE!!!!